48/46. enough said.

Fanboying over the girls of 48/46 group.

20 Oct

Shiraishi Mai & Nishino Nanase (Nogizaka46) | Ex-Taishuu 2014.11 Issue Part 2/2

20 Oct

Shiraishi Mai & Nishino Nanase (Nogizaka46) | Ex-Taishuu 2014.11 Issue Part 1/2

20 Oct

Sayuri Inoue Official Blog – October 19 (English)


ヽ(。・ω ・。)Sayu Devil


Yesterday was the individual handshake event at Yokohama Pacifico (  *^o^*  )

Because there’s Halloween this month, everyone wore lots of different cosplay!
Me included, of course〜

First block **

Sayu devil image


When I asked about it via mobame or on the blog, there were a lot of opinions like “You’re always being called an angel, so instead, I’d like to see you as a demon or similar.”

Taking in everyone’s opinions, I grew a pair of black wings and became Black Sayu! (* ^p^ *)

I bought it together with Hina (Kawago)♪

Second, third block**


I put my hair into half up twintails ♭♭

By the way, sitting next to me in the dressing room was Kazumin (o^^o)

Kazumin uploaded the dressing room Sayu devil on her blog, lol

For the fourth and fifth blocks, I wore a Conan cosplay I bought together with with Misa-senpai and Maiyan (  *^o^*  ) lol

Since it was embarassing, I won’t post it here /// lolol

Thank you everyone who came! lol

During break time, there were also birthday celebrations!

Happy birthday Ami (*^o^*)
You’re 20 now huh!!

Three years ago, when Ami came in late for the lesson she asked me “What are we doing right now?” and that was the first time we spoke. lol
At that time, I viewed her as someone really cool, but by now she’s become someone I can playfully mess around with, haha.

Though since we’re always standing so close to each other while talking, people mistake it for kissing. lol
I’ll keep on loving Ami from now on as well!!!!

And finally, after the handshake event had ended, there was also a graduation ceremony.

Risako, Kyouchan**


Risako’s message:
To all the members, staff
It was only for a short while, but thank you for teaching me a lot. I will keep supporting you from now on as well!!
Everyone, please enjoy this together (Referring to some snack or similar that I assume she brought)
- Risako Yada

Kyouka’s message:
To all the members, staff
It was only a short period around one and a half years, but thank you so much, really.
I’ll keep on supporting Nogizaka46 from now on as well!
- Kyouka Yonetoku

From now on, regardless of where the road leads you, I’m cheering you two on for the future○゜

Thank you for these one and a half years!
You did well.

Big congratulations on your graduations ( >_< 。 )

As for Nene, she had her real, true, graduation at today’s Under live…
And regarding that - there’s too much to say, I still can’t collect myself. ( >_< 。 )

I’ll write about it properly later okay ♪

I love everyone!!!!

“Otoboke POPS”, which I’m appearing on together with Rarin and Karin is airing today.
If you don’t mind, please check it out (  *^_^*  )*

Well then

Sayuヽ(。・ω・。) Justice!


Translation by some really sexy person (that’s me btw)

Nogizaka46 International Fanclub @ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Nogizaka46Fanclub

20 Oct

Kodama Haruka (HKT48) | Ex-Taishuu 2014 November Issue

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19 Oct


Yagura Fuuko 14/10/17 Google+ Post English Translation


Thank you very much for the 3rd day of the 4th Anniversary concert!!

Everyone’s cheers became my power!
The double encore too!!
I’m happy
thank you everyone!(*^_^*)

There’s Maachun-san too! It’s the best!
I can’t think that Maachun-san is not here the 4th anniversary(*^_^*)

The behind the scene YNN live broadcast too, did you enjoyed it〜??💓
YNN-san is also the bestーっ💓

The 4th anniversary, filled with tears, it was the best most fun live everーっ

This past 2 days Maokyun was always crying!!(´・Д・)」
Looking at Zannen Shoujo fir the first time in a while, she said that she cried(*^_^*)

During the Idol no Yoake Kouen, I was always troubled with the solo line,
remembering that, she said that
Fuuko has grown(*^_^*)♡

I hope thta I can grow even mor for the 5th anniversary,
I’ll shine and grow!!

Everyone, from now on too please watch me(o^^o)💓

I want to give off a new vibe
I’ll continue to run!

Yagura Fuuko 14/10/17 Google+ Post English Translation


Today I went and play in Universal with team M members in the eveningーーっ(*^^*)♡

The zombie is too scary。。。!!
it has been powered up。。。!!

Harry Potter is also too awesome!!
Someday, I want to wear a full Gryffindor costume!!

The Expecto Patronum’s timing too is already perfect👍💓

I was able to have fun for the first time in a while💓

19 Oct

SailorMoon46 desu~ <3

18 Oct

Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mionaaaaaa!! >o<

17 Oct Reika &amp; Manattan~ &lt;3

Reika & Manattan~ <3

17 Oct Iko-chan~ &lt;3

Iko-chan~ <3

17 Oct Hori Junna~ /o/

Hori Junna~ /o/

17 Oct

Junna-hime ….. ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)

17 Oct

Rena, Ikoma, and Maiyan from Matsui Rena’s Twitter 141017